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Dartford community grants

The Community Grant Scheme is currently open. The closing date for applications is Monday 6 November 2017.

What are the Fund's priorities?

Sporting Provision

Funding will be available for projects that fit the following objectives:

  • Promote excellence
  • Reach new audiences, or
  • Work towards improving club standards, e.g. gaining accreditation, training.

Young People

We will support projects that:

  • Provide new or expand upon positive activities which directly benefit young people (aged 25 or under).

Older People

We will support projects that:

  • Provide new or expand upon current services or activities which directly benefit older people.

Who can apply?

You can apply if you are a 'not for profit' registered charity or community group with a constitution management structure, bank account and staff/volunteers delivering services to Dartford's residents.

How much is available?

The most we will award for any application is £3,000 and the minimum is £500.

Download the Guidance for Applicants PDF, 363.02 KB

Download the Application Form PDF, 193.91 KB

Tel: 01322 343474
Contact us online: Contact the Grants Team

Other Funding Sources

If you would like to know more about community funding opportunities not provided by Dartford Borough Council please click here - External Community Funding

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