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Dartford High Street

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The Dartford & Gravesham Community Safety Partnership (CSP) and its Community Safety Units are committed to tackle anti-social behaviour, reduce crime and the fear of crime, the harm caused by drugs and alcohol and to deal with the concerns raised by our communities.  More information about the Community Safety Partnership Read our recent news and information bulletins

  • Link to: Get Involved

    Get Involved

    Advice on what you can do to help keep yourself and your community safe.

  • Link to: Contact Us

    Contact Us

    Information on the different ways you can contact us for advice or to report and incident

  • Link to: FAQs


    Answers to the most common safety questions including how you can get help dealing with anti-social behaviour and crime.

  • Link to: What is Anti-Social Behaviour

    What is Anti-Social Behaviour

    Anti-social behaviour is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Common examples of what is classed as anti-social behaviour can be found here.