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Parliamentary boundary review


The Boundary Commission for England is carrying out a review of Parliamentary constituency boundaries which concludes in September 2018.

A map showing the Boundary Commission's initial proposals for the South East Region, including Dartford, is on display in the foyer of the Civic Centre, Home Gardens, Dartford and can be accessed by following the links below 

 South East region Initial proposals summary PDF, 154.87 KB

South East region Initial proposals report PDF, 1043.16 KB

Guide to the 2018 Review of Parliamentary constituencies PDF, 573.69 KB

Map of proposed Dartford constituency PDF, 1339.29 KB

The Boundary Commission held an initial round of public consultation from 13 September until 5 December 2016 and received 20,000 responses nationally. The Commission has published the responses and is inviting anyone who wishes to comment on these to do so by 27 March 2017.

Anyone may submit comments on the responses to the first round of consultation by  visiting the Commission's web site here

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