Refuse, environment, planning and building control

  • Plans

    Planning Homepage

    The Planning Homepage that contains information and links on making and viewing planning application and planning policy

  • Environmental Protection

    Environmental Health Homepage

    The Environmental Health Homepage that contains information and links on the services we offer.

  • Crew collecting bins

    Waste and Recycling Homepage

    The Refuse and Recycling Homepage that contains information and links on Dartford's waste and recycling services.

  • House plan

    Building control

    Services to ensure the safe construction and condition of all types of buildings in Dartford

  • Search Magnifying Glass

    Local land charge searches

    A Local Authority Search is usually requested by a solicitor as part of the property purchase process and lets the purchaser know important information about the property and any restrictions and permissions that apply.

  • Construction site


    Life is changing in Dartford as a wave of exciting projects hit the borough

  • Image of Dartford High Street

    Town centre management

    Dartford Borough Council and Dartford's Town Team are committed to regenerating the town centre

  • Green energy saving lightbulb

    Energy efficiency and conservation

    Help and advice on how to use energy efficiently and keep your energy bills under control.

  • emergency phone


    Emergency Planning and Business Continuity

  • Manor Gatehouse historic building


    A Conservation Area is an area identified as having special architectural or historic interest that should be protected.

  • Road Name Sign

    Street naming and numbering

    Information about to apply for changes to or new street names and numbers

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