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Planning Homepage

These pages will help you in finding out if planning permission is required and the information needed when submitting an application. They also give details on the various stages of an application and how you can view and comment on these.

We hope you find these pages useful. We would welcome feedback you have to help us improve our service.

  • Link to: Do I need Planning Permission ?

    Do I need Planning Permission ?

    Includes guidance on permitted development, paving, front gardens and dropped kerbs.

  • Link to: Planning Applications

    Planning Applications

    Search, view and comment on  planning applications. Look at the weekly list of applications, check rules on planning permission and more .

  • Link to: Submit your Application online

    Submit your Application online

    Submit your planning application via the Planning Portal

  • Link to: Planning Policy

    Planning Policy

    Planning Policy sets out the development strategy and vision for Dartford using the Local Plan documents

  • Link to: Building Control

    Building Control

    Ensuring building works meets Building Regulations and  safety standards