Recycling rubbish and waste

Dartford Borough Council provides household waste collection, recycling services and other services to the residents of the borough.Green wheelie bin

The Waste Disposal Authority for household waste is Kent County Council.

They have large scale contracts for waste disposal by recycling, composting and landfill, and provide the facilities where Dartford Borough Council and other Kent local authorities can dispose of the waste they collect.

Commercial waste collection from business premises is not included within the Business Rate, and is not the responsibility of either Dartford Borough or Kent County Councils.

Companies must make their own arrangements for their waste collection and recycling or disposal, through properly licensed waste contractors.

Waste disposal in Dartford

Currently in Dartford general household waste is transported to Allington near Maidstone where it is processed in a state-of-the-art 'Waste to Energy' facility.

Recyclable material, collected via the new door to door scheme is also taken to this Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) at Allington.

Sustainable waste management requires that waste should not only be reduced and recycled, but that it should be processed as near as possible to its source.

Transportation of large volumes of waste to other areas (such as Essex) is not environmentally friendly. Kent County Council have entered into a contract for a new recycling and disposal facility at Allington near Maidstone, which came on stream from 2006.

From that time the waste and recyclables from Dartford and other parts of North Kent will no longer be transported outside the County.

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