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Dartford Borough Museum's latest exhibition is entitled:

On War Service - Dartford 1914-1918

Dartford Borough Museum’s latest temporary exhibition covers what was happening in Dartford during the First World War.

The phrase ‘On War Service’, taken from a war workers’ badge of the time, can easily be used to describe Dartford during those years. The town was heavily involved in war-related matters, such as Belgian refugees, the production of munitions, military hospitals for four different nationalities and a military aerodrome, not to mention the local men who served and, sometimes, died. It was also the first time that a British civilian population had faced the hardships of rationing and the possibility of death by attack from the air. In fact, it was an aircraft from Dartford’s Joyce Green aerodrome which was the first to chase off a German aircraft over this country and it was a Dartford gun crew which was the first to shoot down a Zeppelin airship over Britain.’

The exhibition opened on Monday 14 July.

Admission is FREE.

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