How do you qualify:

Central Government has provided £3million in funding to assist those ratepayers whose businesses have been (and continue to be) affected by the pandemic but that are ineligible for existing support linked to business rates.  Relief is only available for the financial year 2021/2022 and the Council must not exceed the available funding.

Government Guidance was published in December 2021. To read the guidance click here

Whilst funding is provided by Central Government it is for the Council to decide its own local scheme and determine in each individual case whether to grant this relief.

The scheme for Dartford Borough Council has been developed in line with the guidance and the criteria are as follows:

  • The ratepayer must not be in receipt of, or be eligible for, expanded retail discount or nursery discount
  • The property must not be empty
  • The ratepayer is not entitled to 100% small business rate relief, 100% rural rate relief or 80% mandatory rate relief topped-up by 20% discretionary rate relief
  • The ratepayer must have been in occupation of the property on 15 December 2021
  • The rateable value of the property must be less than £150,000 as at 15 December 2021
  • The ratepayer must declare that they have been adversely affected by the pandemic and have been unable to adequately adapt to that impact
  • The ratepayer must not have exceeded the Subsidy Control limits
  • The property must not be excluded from relief as set out in Appendix A to the scheme

To read the full Dartford Borough Council Scheme please click here

More information on Subsidy Controls can be found in the Government Guidance referred to above

What do you get:

Where the Council has decided that a ratepayer meets all of the relevant criteria, relief will be 66% of the 2021/2022 liability after any other reliefs and reductions have been applied.

If the award puts the financial year 2021/2022 into credit the Council reserves the right to offset the credit against arrears for 2020/2021 that have arisen due to the pandemic.  In all other cases the ratepayer can either ask for a refund or request that the credit be offset against ongoing liabilities.

How do I apply:

The Council has written to all ratepayers where it believes they may satisfy the criteria and invited them to apply by 15 June 2022.

If you believe that you may be eligible for this relief and we have not written to you directly, please email outlining why you believe you satisfy the qualifying criteria.  We will then review your request in line with the policy.

In accordance with Business Rate legislation we cannot apply this relief to any accounts after 30 September 2022.  Therefore, we will only be accepting enquiries and applications until 31 August 2022 so that we have adequate time to review and apply any relief to eligible ratepayers.