Name: Business Rates Data
Description: Business Rates Data

Business Rates Data

Since we have many Freedom of Information requests of a similar nature during the course of the year, we have created standard reports which are updated quarterly.  If you request any of these reports during the year you will be given the most recent one available.

As these reports are created quarterly for public information, we will not continue to provide individual responses to requests during the year for this or similar information.  Any requests for similar information will be politely declined.

Points to note

  • Information is only included where the ratepayer can be identified from our records as being a Limited Company, LLP, PLC, public body or other incorporated entity
  • The billing address is the last contact address held in our records
  • As provided for in Section 9 Limitation Act 1980, the Council will not refund any credits that were created more than 6 years prior to a refund request being received

Standard Business Rates Reports - data extracted 30 September 2020

Full list of current properties with empty indicator CSV, 1063.12 KB

Mandatory and Discretionary Reliefs  CSV, 414.89 KB

Small Business Rate Relief CSV, 220.15 KB

Credit balances  CSV, 217.82 KB

Credits written back on to accounts  CSV, 312.01 KB

New liabilities in the last 3 months  CSV, 91.37 KB

Last Updated: 21st October 2020