Name: We're here to help with food emergencies
Description: We're here to help with food emergencies

We're here to help with food emergencies

If you are in need of urgent food support please contact the Council’s Emergency Hub on 01322 343244 in normal office hours or Kent Together (0300 041 9292) out of hours. We are working in partnership with the Healthy Living Centre and local food banks to support those in emergency food need.

During this national lockdown, we continue to be particularly focused on supporting the most vulnerable within our community and ensuring they have access to food.

If you are clinically extremely vulnerable, you will receive a letter from the Government advising how to protect yourself and access the support you may need. You are advised not to go to the shops but to use online shopping or the support of family or friends where possible. Please note that there is no longer a national food box scheme. However, if you cannot access food, we can help you request priority access to supermarket delivery slots (if you do not already have one) or help with shopping using an NHS Volunteer. You can also use a new online government service to register yourself, or to register another clinically extremely vulnerable individual, to request priority access to a supermarket delivery slot (please note that this service is only available for the clinically extremely vulnerable). If you are still struggling to access food despite these options, please call our Emergency Hub on 01322 343244.

Dartford Borough Council is also taking a uniquely local view to help those in our community who may not be clinically extremely vulnerable, but nevertheless are fearful of facing a real ‘food emergency’. By ‘food emergency’, we mean anyone who is anxious that they may not have enough food or supplies for themselves or those in their household and who have no other means of getting what they need.

We have made substantial grants to three of the most experienced food banks within the Borough and they are available to help you. Details of the Foodbank are included within the list of local support organisations shown below.

We can help you access a priority food delivery slot via the DEFRA Supermarket Delivery Slot Referrals Scheme for Non-Shielding Vulnerable People.

We can also put you in contact with our amazing partners at the Healthy Living Centre where we have established arrangements to support the Dartford Larder scheme. The Dartford Larder scheme provides heavily discounted family food parcels to those who pay a nominal fee to register with the scheme. Dartford Council can also step in to help families facing particular difficulties or financial worries to access the Larder. There is no need for any Dartford family to go hungry. We are are here to help.

So if you, or someone you know, are facing a food emergency, then please do call us on 01322 343244. If we can help, or point you in the direction of someone who can, we will.

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Last Updated: 05th May 2021