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Mediation service

There are times when neighbours don't always get along together. The Council always tries to help resolve disputes in a friendly and calm manner in the first instance and we work with neighbours to help them arrive at a solution that meets the need of both groups. But there are occasions when some extra help or independent advice is needed.

Medway Mediation is now working in partnership with the Council to provide a service to help resolve disputes. This is a FREE service based in the community and works INDEPENDENTLY of other agencies e.g. police and social services.

The mediation process aims to help people involved to reach an agreement that satisfies everyone. The volunteer mediators will not take sides and all conversations are strictly confidential.

They will:

  • Visit you to discuss the problems you are experiencing
  • Subject to your agreement, they will visit your neighbour and listen to their views

If you think that this service could help you with a neighbour problem, please call them on:

01634 730833

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