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Healthy Weight

Do you want to improve your lifestyle? Reach and maintain a healthy weight?

Healthy Living Centre Dartford has a number of new schemes starting over the next couple of months to help you! To find out more or to sign up to any of the programmes below, call 01732 227000 or contact the Healthy Living Team.

Why Weight

Why Weight is a 12 week adult weight management course run by qualified professionals. It focuses on helping people to understand the relationship between food, exercise and weight control. Each weekly session focuses on a particular subject, such as food labels, portion sizes and eating out, as well as a weekly weigh-in. At the end of the session there is the chance to take part in a 30 minute gentle exercise class specifically for Why Weight Plan members only. Courses are run in January, April and September.

Don't Sit Get Fit – Dynamo Club

Dynamo Club is a free 12-week programme for children and their families based on the Change4Life principles.

Families can learn how to make healthier food choices, how to build activity into their day and how they can have fun together in a positive and healthy way. As part of the programme, participants are also offered six weeks' tuition from the Community Chef, learning how to make healthy and affordable meals as a family. After each of the 12-week programmes, participants will receive ongoing personal support from the Healthy Living Team.

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