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Improving sexual health

Young People's Sexual Health ServicesFYP Logo

Young people's sexual health services are specifically tailored for young people to provide help, advice and information from a trained health professional on the issues such as relationships, the C Card scheme, emergency contraception, Chlamydia testing, contraception, pregnancy testing and sexual health.

Services that display the 'ForYoungPeople' logo (also known as 4YP) ensure that the service will be free and confidential, you will get a friendly welcome and treated with kindness and respect. Examples where these services are delivered are:

Family Planning & Young People Clinics

Many health centres and family planning clinics now have special young people sessions. These are designed to be at times that are better for young people.


Some pharmacists in Kent have been specially trained to help young people and can issue emergency contraception free (to under 20s) if needed. Some of these pharmacies also offer free Chlamydia testing and treatment.

GUM Clinics

These clinics specialise in treating sexually transmitted diseases.

C Card

C Card is a Kent wide scheme which provides young people. Aged 19 and under, with access to free condoms in places other than clinics such as youth settings, connexions, or anywhere young people go. You can get a C card from a registration point and then uses this to gain free condoms from any of the access points.

C is for Covered

C Card is about taking responsibility - for your body, for your relationships and for your future!

C is for Choice

C Card is about giving you options when it comes to sex and staying clear of sexually-transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancy.

C is for Confidential

If you're 13-19 then a C Card is one way to access free condoms and sexual health advice.

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