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21 Sep 2018 12:16pm

Complaints About Our Standards of Service

We strive to provide excellent and improving services, recognising that we can always do better. We also want to be open and responsive, listening to your needs and addressing them as quickly as possible. The nature and level of services will depend on the resources available to the Council. The quality of services depends on how well we do our job.

Can your complaint be resolved informally?

We encourage you to first raise your complaint directly and informally with the staff member or service department you have been dealing with. Please refer to the A-Z list of services for assistance. Please note that the Council is not responsible for the Dartford Crossing and/or Dart Charge related issues.

If you have not been dealing with anyone or do not know who to contact about your complaint, you should call our Customer Services on 01322 343434. We welcome calls via NGT Relay

  1. Formal complaints procedure and form
  2. Read about the three stages of our complaints procedure
  3. Help and advice on complaints procedure
  4. Stage Two Review of complaints (relating to data protection, freedom of information, environmental information & re-use of information)
  5. Fluency Duty - A complaint that an employee in a customer - facing role has insufficient proficiency in spoken English for the performance of their role
  6. Complaints relating to the Council's landlord functions
  7. Most commonly raised complaints that are not within the remit of our Complaints Procedure
  8. Policy on Unreasonably Persistent and/or Vexatious Complainants PDF, 205.51 KB

See our Complaints Process Privacy Notice PDF, 1258.35 KB