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Refuse, environment, planning and building control

  • Plans Planning Homepage

    The Planning Homepage that contains information and links on making and viewing planning application and planning policy

  • Environmental Protection Environmental Health Homepage

    The Environmental Health Homepage that contains information and links on the services we offer.

  • Crew collecting bins Waste and Recycling Homepage

    The Refuse and Recycling Homepage that contains information and links on Dartford's waste and recycling services.

  • House plan Building control

    Services to ensure the safe construction and condition of all types of buildings in Dartford

  • Click here for information regarding recycling Commercial waste and recycling

    Commercial premises including shops, offices and industry, are required to make their own arrangements for waste collection, since the service is not included in the Business Rate

  • Search Magnifying Glass Local land charge searches

    A Local Authority Search is usually requested by a solicitor as part of the property purchase process and lets the purchaser know important information about the property and any restrictions and permissions that apply.

  • Construction site Regeneration

    Life is changing in Dartford as a wave of exciting projects hit the borough

  • Image of Dartford High Street Town centre management

    Dartford Borough Council and Dartford's Town Team are committed to regenerating the town centre

  • Green energy saving lightbulb Energy efficiency and conservation

    Help and advice on how to use energy efficiently and keep your energy bills under control.

  • emergency phone Emergencies

    Emergency Planning and Business Continuity

  • Manor Gatehouse historic building Conservation

    A Conservation Area is an area identified as having special architectural or historic interest that should be protected.

  • Road Name Sign Street naming and numbering

    Information about to apply for changes to or new street names and numbers

  • Green energy saving lightbulb Local authority carbon management programme

    Dartford Borough Council was one of 65 Local Authorities to take part in Phase 6 of the Carbon Trust Local Authority Carbon Management Programme between May 2008 and March 2009.

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