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Pest control

image of a waspWe currently provide a pest control service in domestic properties for the eradication of infestations of:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Wasps*

*Please note that we spray wasp nests from the outside of the property and for this reason can only treat properties that are no more than two stories high at gutter level.


We do not provide a treatment service for bees. The Kent Bee Keeping Association is able to provide extensive information relating to bees, which includes a list of registered beekeepers.

We are unable to help you with problems of foxes.

If you are having a problem with foxes in your garden or you have found a sick or injured fox, you can contact a charity specifically dedicated to foxes.

The Fox Project operates in Kent, Surrey, East Sussex and South East London. They operate a specialist fox deterrence and advice service which is effective and humane. They also provide care for sick and injured foxes.

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