Name: What you can expect from our investigation
Description: What you can expect from our investigation

What you can expect from our investigation

What a complainant can expect

  • We will contact you within 5 working days to discuss your complaint
  • We will contact the 'alleged offender' (normally by letter)
  • We will keep your details confidential
  • You may be requested to keep diary sheets PDF, 299.75 KB of the problem (for up to 4 weeks)
  • If requested diary sheets are not returned, we cannot progress your case and it will be closed
  • We will assess returned diary sheets (if requested) and determine what action to take (this may include closing the case)
  • We will gather evidence to determine the extent and nature of the problem.  This may involve visits to your property, visits to the alleged offender, taking photographs or the installation of a noise nuisance recorder at your property
  • The case officer will determine what action, if any, can be taken based on available evidence
  • If no action can be taken, you will be advised that this is the case
  • If any legal action we take is challenged you may be asked to appear in court

What a person being complained about can expect

  • We will try and contact you to discuss the complaint
  • We will keep you informed of any evidence we obtain
  • We will act impartially and make professional unbiased decisions
  • If we consider that you need to take action, we will notify you as soon as possible
  • We will, where possible, help you to comply with the law
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