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Environmental Health Homepage

18 Sep 2019 9:32am

Environmental Protection

Environmental Health

Environmental Health provides a wide range of services aimed at protecting residents, visitors, the environment and the business community.

Our main services are shown below.

H2 - do not remove

  • Link to: Pollution, noise and other nuisance

    Pollution, noise and other nuisance

    Including Air Quality, Noise, Contaminated Land and business compliance with regulations

  • Link to: Food safety

    Food safety

    Here you will find food safety information for customers and businesses

  • Link to: Pest Control

    Pest Control

    We currently provide a pest control service in domestic properties for Rats, Mice and Wasps

  • Link to: Health and Safety

    Health and Safety

    Information for the public and businesses including asbestos, smokefree legislation and workplace concerns

  • Link to: Skin Piercing

    Skin Piercing

    Vital information for anyone thinking about getting a tattoo or piercing

  • Link to: Animal welfare and control

    Animal welfare and control

    Animal welfare and controls including dog warden service, and Animal Licensing