Name: Safe Building Control Inspection Guidelines
Description: Safe Building Control Inspection Guidelines

Safe Building Control Inspection Guidelines

Safe Building Control inspection guidelines for builders/owners - Coronavirus update

Please note the following information regarding Building Regulation site inspections during times of Government Lockdown.

Site inspection regimes to mitigate health risks while on site

We will continue to offer inspections on a risk assessed basis.

We will continue to take site inspection requests and you will be asked the following set of screening question when confirming site inspections:

  • Is anyone at the property suffering from Coronavirus symptoms such as a new cough and high-temperature, or
  • Is anyone self-isolating or been in contact with someone who has been confirmed of having Coronavirus?
  • Have the builders carried out a site risk assessment that we are safe to attend site

Pre Site Inspection protocol

In addition to these screening questions, to protect the safety of all concerned, please note the following information to enable our surveyors to carry out the inspection as safely as possible:

  • Facemasks/coverings must be worn by anyone attending the site inspection while the Building Control Surveyor is on site
  • We ask that only one other person (builder or owner) be involved where an internal inspection is required, i.e. all other occupants/contractors to leave the area of the building while the inspection is to be carried out
  • The 2m distance rule must be complied with – if not, then the Building Control Surveyor  may decide it is unsafe to continue and leave site, explaining why, and the inspection will be terminated!

Site Inspection Available During Lockdown

Below is a list of typical inspections (not exhaustive) and how we propose to undertake them.  Note, the aim is to minimise the number of site inspections and protect the safety of all concerned.  Therefore, we may ask to conduct a virtual inspection via WhatsApp video call where deemed appropriate:

  • Typical list of site inspections we will take booking for (not exhaustive);
    • Foundations – site visit
    • Drains – site visit
    • DPC – site visit  or virtual visit via WhatsApp video call or photographic evidence
    • DPM – site visit or virtual visit via WhatsApp video call or photographic evidence
    • Roof – virtual visit via WhatsApp video call or photographic evidence
    • Steels – virtual visit via WhatsApp video call or photographic evidence
  • Other inspections;
    • Completion inspections – will only be undertaken if time critical or in exceptional circumstances
    • General advice – unless absolutely necessary all advice will be provided remotely
    • Intermediate - We will only be booking statutory inspections and will accept photographic evidence of insulation / fire-boarding of steels, and other non-statutory inspections via email rather than inspecting

Please Note: photographic evidence will need to be able to identify the site location for them to be acceptable and Building Control Surveyors will review and confirm acceptance or any issues back to the owner/builder as soon as possible.

Good Site Practice you can expect from our Building Control Surveyors

  • When arriving on site they will confirm that there are no Coronavirus symptoms and the occupiers are not self-isolating. If in doubt they will not enter
  • They will not shake hands!
  • They will wear face masks/visors and gloves provided while on site and particularly if entering someone’s home
  • They will maintain a 2 metre distance from others on site. N.B., as noted above, there should be only one other person (builder/owner) in attendance at the site inspection – particularly inside the property
  • They will sanitise their hands before and after leaving site with hand gel
Last Updated: 05th November 2020