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Building control

23 Apr 2019 12:23pm

We provide services to ensure the safe construction and condition of all types of buildings in Dartford. In this way, we help protect the health and safety of all people who use the buildings.

Check your Building Control Application status or find historic application data relating to a property.

Make a new Building Control Application

Building Control Service

We check that new building work in Dartford meets the standards of the Building Regulations.

Building Regulations Approval is the means by which we check that a building is built to these standards. If you want to carry out any building work, you must find out whether Building Regulations apply. If so, you must apply for Building Regulations Approval.

Are you concerned about the safety of a privately owned building? If so, please contact Building Control

Surveying Services

We provide a full range of building surveying services to the Council and other clients, these include:

Householder services

We are here to give you advice if you are considering or have submitted a building regulation application.

It is possible that your project may require planning permission, it is important that you check whether this applies to you before submitting a building regulation application.

This section aims to give you a step-by-step guide through both the plan and inspection phases of the process:

Commercial and Special Projects

Registered Schemes - Construction Details

At Dartford we provide a professional Building Regulation service to building project teams within the construction industry.

We believe that communication is at the heart of any successful team. To show this commitment we positively encourage you to involve us in your project team at the earliest stage of your process. We can give you building regulation advice at pre-tender, design and construction phases of your scheme.

We will designate an experienced Building Control Surveyor to work with you and look after your project, produce associated reports and assist you through the Building Regulations and allied legislation processes.

Our technical excellence has been gained over many years of dealing with all building types and designs in Dartford.

We offer you:

Useful Building Control forms

How to order your Ordnance Survey maps for planning, building control, land charges and street naming applications