Name: Local authority carbon management programme
Description: Planning: Local authority carbon management programme

Local authority carbon management programme

Dartford Borough Council was one of 65 Local Authorities to take part in Phase 6 of the Carbon Trust Local Authority Carbon Management Programme between May 2008 and March 2009.

Preparing a Carbon Management Plan (CMP) with assistance from the Carbon Trust provided a foundation upon which the Council can work towards becoming a low carbon authority.

The Carbon Management Plan discussed at Cabinet on 26 March 2009 marked the transition from the planning stage of the Council's carbon reduction activity to the implementation stage. During the planning stage the following had been undertaken:

  • Estimation of the carbon footprint of the Councils activities and projections into the future
  • Estimation of our current and future expenditure on energy consumption
  • Identification of areas where carbon savings are realistically possible and affordable
  • Itemised projects which we believe can be taken forward in the first year of a three year programme and those which merit further development for future consideration

The 2007 baseline CO2 emission equates to 3603 tonnes and the Carbon Management Plan proposes a 35% target reduction in CO2 emissions to be achieved by 2012. This equates to an overall reduction of 1261 tonnes of CO2, which spread equally over the three years of the Carbon Management Plan requires an annual reduction of 421 tonnes of CO2.

In the first year of the Carbon Management Plan many of the year one projects have been implemented.  In some cases, projects have not proceeded either because they have been overtaken by events or for service planning reason unrelated to the CMP. Some of the carbon savings arose as part of the Council's building maintenance and renewals programme.

The carbon saving from the completed Year One projects is estimated at 373.17 tonnes of CO2.  Taking into account the projects already underway prior to the start of the CMP (including server virtualisation and early stages of lighting replacement) it is estimated that the Council's Carbon footprint has been reduced by 443.62 tonnes at the end of year one.  This means that the council is on course to meet its overall target of 35% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2012.

A draft Action Plan for Year 2 of the CMP has been prepared and was discussed at Cabinet on 24 June 2010.

Greenhouse Gas Report

The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has requested that, as from July 11 2013, Local Authorities report Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in such a way as to align with the GHG Protocol - the internationally recognised standard for corporate accounting and reporting of GHG emissions.

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Last Updated: 17th February 2020