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BRIEFING NOTE: The Two Brewers 33 Lowfield Street

It has been noted that the above property is marketed for sale at auction on 13th September.

The Two Brewers Public House is an important 17th Century timber-framed Grade II Listed Building and the entire site is in the Dartford Town Centre Conservation Area. Other environmental constraints and the planning history of the site can be found on the Council’s website.

The latest planning permission and Listed Building Consent relating to the site can be found under reference 14/00615/FUL and 14/00665/LBC and associated subsequent applications on matters required by planning and listed building consent conditions:  17/00391/CDNA & 18/00664/CDNA.  (You may wish to note that the Rightmove page only gives the reference for the Listed Building Consent not the planning permission)

The planning permission was approved to allow much needed enabling renovation and repair works to the Listed Building, which is considered to be in poor condition. A specification of repairs for the Listed Building has subsequently been approved as well as details of on-site monitoring by a conservation specialist, which the developer will be required to comply with.  These details form part of the listed building consent. It is a requirement of planning permission 14/00615/FUL that the approved repair works to the Listed Building; namely the Two Brewers Public House, as granted under the Listed Building Consent 14/00665/LBC and associated conditions, are fully completed to the satisfaction of the Local Planning Authority prior to the sixth residential occupation of the residential development to the rear of the site. Furthermore, the permissions require the ground floor of the Listed Building to be retained as a public house.

If you are not aware you may wish to note that it is criminal offence to carry out unauthorised works to a Listed Building.

11 September 2018


Ebbsfleet Development Corporation - Ebbsfleet Garden City update: The Ebbsfleet Development Corporation(EDC) took on powers to determine planning applications for sites falling within its area, including Ebbsfleet Valley and Swanscombe Peninsula on 1st July 2015.  More information is available on how this affects planning applications in the EDC area. The EDC applies Dartford's Local Plan documents for applications within the Borough boundary.


London Resort Theme Park

London Resort Company Holdings (LRCH) is promoting the London Resort on Swanscombe Peninsula, within Dartford Borough.   LRCH propose to submit a planning application to central government for a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project later in 2017.

More details and an update on the consultation process can be found on the promoter's website.

Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project:

As a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project a decision will be made on the proposal by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government following examination of the proposals and opportunities for the public and stakeholders to have their say.  The application for the proposal is submitted to the Planning Inspectorate and the Planning Act 2008 lays down a strict timetable for the process of consideration and consultation.

This is the link to the National Infrastructure Planning website, where more details of the process and documents relating to the application proposal can be viewed.

The Planning Inspectorate have published advice notes on the process and how the public can get involved in the process, which can be accessed via the above website.

Due to the strict timetable for consideration of the proposal it is not normally possible for substantial changes to be made to an application once it has been submitted. So if you wish to influence the project you should take part in the developer's pre-application consultation.

Before submitting an application, the developer is required to carry out extensive consultation on their proposals.  Some events have already been carried out and LRCH are now carrying out formal consultation on the revised proposal in September 2017.

Detailed technical documents will be available during this consultation period, which can be viewed at various public locations  and can be discussed at public exhibitions. A non-technical summary of the Preliminary Environmental Information Report prepared by the applicants will also be included in this information pack.

The Borough Council's role:

Although not the decision-making body for this planning application process, the Borough Council has a formal role as a host authority. The Borough Council has the opportunity to submit a Local Impact Report to the examining body for the application. The Council will also need to answer questions that the examining body will have and will make comment and representations during the examining process. The Borough Council will continue with their role to seek to ensure that adverse impacts on the surrounding area are minimised and where unavoidable are managed properly. They will also be seeking to ensure that the benefits to the surrounding area are focussed and managed properly.


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