Name: General Permitted Development 2013
Description: Planning applications: General permitted development 2013

General Permitted Development 2013

Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Amendment)(England) Order 2013

From 30th May 2013, amendments made in relation to single storey rear extensions for householders come into force. 

Prior approval will be need to be obtained for single storey rear extensions that are less than 4m high, and between 4.01m and 8m deep for a detached property or 3.01m to 6m deep in all other cases.  This is providing development is not excluded from permitted development due to the property being in a National Park, Conservation Area, SSSI, subject to an Article 4 Direction or has previously had permitted development rights removed due to a previous permission, and must also accord with the "General limitations" set out on page 1 in our Guide to Householder Extensions 2013 PDF, 269.59 KB

Householders must seek prior approval PDF, 87.49 KB  and notify Dartford Borough Council of the proposed works, providing the following information:

:  A description of the works including the length of the extension, height to eaves and height at the highest point of the extension.

:   A plan of the site, showing the proposed development

:  The addresses of all the adjoining neighbours, including ones to the rear

:  A contact address for the developer and an email (if developer is happy to receive email correspondence)

Extensions built in accordance with this procedure must be completed by 30th May 2016, and the developer must notify Dartford Borough Council in writing of the date of completion.

There is no fee for this notification.

Once we have the relevant information, letters will be sent to all of the adjoining properties, providing details of the proposed works.  They will then have the opportunity to make objections within 21 days.  If there is at least one objection from a neighbour, the Council will assess the proposal to see whether the impacts on the amenity of neighbours is acceptable. Only objections received from the adjoining neighbours will be taken into account when determining this notification.

Development can go ahead once we have notified the developer in writing of the decision.  If the developer is not notified within the 42 day determination period, the development may go ahead with the proposed works.

If approval is refused, the developer may appeal.

The extension must be built in accordance with the details submitted, unless Dartford Borough Council agrees to any changes in writing.

The development must accord with all other relevant limitations and conditions which apply to other rear extensions allowed under permitted development.

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