Name: Development Policies Plan Document
Description: The Development Management Plan will support the Dartford's Core Strategy, adopted in 2011.

Development Policies Plan Document

  • Draft Policies Map 2016 - June 2016 Update - Please refer in the interim period before adoption to the Submission policies map.
  • (For background purposes only, the following is still available but was replaced by the draft policies map produced at Submission stage:
  • East  PDF, 4277.01 KB
  • West and
  • Town Centre PDF, 2640.04 KB . Please note the town centre boundary has not changed from that adopted in the Core Strategy).

Here is a guide to each topic area PDF, 800.32 KB in the Development Policies Plan document.

Development Policies Local Plan document (Publication stage):

Representations received at Pre-Submission stage. The Development Control Board then resolved to apply policies DP1-DP8, DP10 to DP19 and DP21 to DP25 and to give appropriate weight to these in making decisions on planning applications.

The Council's emerging Development Policies Plan Document has undergone significant consultation at pre-submission stage (and before View the Draft Plan and Options document for consultation).

The Development Policies Plan was then submitted for Examination in June 2016. Supporting documents for the published Plan included the following (more extensive documentation can be found at submission/ examination stage):


Engagement and the Duty to Cooperate:

Housing and Cross Cutting topics (Policies DP1 - DP13):

Click here to view all the Areas of Special Character

Policies/ topics relating to Policies Map designations (particularly DP14 onwards):

View existing evidence included for the Core Strategy

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