Name: Development Policies Plan Examination Page
Description: Development Policies Plan Examination Page

Development Policies Plan Examination Page

Dartford Borough Council submitted its Development Policies Plan for Examination June 2016. For the Submission Stage documents please see the applicable webpages. The Inspector  appointed by the Secretary of State to carry out the Examination in Public was Mr Matthew Nunn, BA LLB LLM MRTPI.

Notice of Independent Examination (Regulation 24) PDF, 736.61 KB.

The Hearing commenced on Tuesday 18th October 2016 and ran until Friday 21st October 2016, with the following documentation produced for, and immediately after, the hearing days:

Inspector's Documents

Introductory Letter PDF, 95.1 KB

Examination Hearings Programme of Sessions PDF, 106.56 KB

ED/I/01: Inspector's PDF, 216.65 KB

ED/I/02: Matters, Issues PDF, 940.62 KB

ED/I/03: List of Submission PDF, 122.85 KB

ED/I/04: Letter 1 from Inspector to DBC 05.10.16  PDF, 116.38 KB

ED/I/05: Letter 2 from Inspector to DBC 11.10.16 PDF, 84.39 KB

ED/I/06: Letter 3 from Inspector to DBC 28.11.16 PDF, 120.37 KB

ED/I/08: Letter 5 from Inspector to DBC 18.04.17 PDF, 114.84 KB

ED/I/09: Letter 6 from Inspector to DBC 25.05.17 PDF, 100.25 KB

The Council's Hearing Documents

ED/DBC/01: Large Developments in Dartford and Implications for European Sites along the North Kent Coast PDF, 2402.07 KB (as updated June 2016)

ED/DBC/02: Open Space Report 2015/16 Final Erratum to Appendix B PDF, 191.74 KB

ED/DBC/03: Dartford Borough Council letter to Inspector 8th July 2016 PDF, 125 KB

ED/DBC/04: Five Year Supply Report 2016 PDF, 1604.92 KB

DBC Responses to Inspector's MIQs:ED/DBC/05: Dartford Borough Council Annual Monitoring Report 2015/16 PDF, 1869.2 KB

ED/DBC/06: DBC Response to Matter 1 Statement of Inspector MIQs PDF, 229.5 KB

ED/DBC/07: DBC Response to Matter 2 Statement PDF, 230.6 KB

ED/DBC/08: DBC Response to Matter 3 Statement PDF, 206.44 KB

ED/DBC/09: DBC Response to Matter 4 Statement PDF, 203.17 KB

ED/DBC/10: DBC Response to Matter 5 Statement PDF, 307.44 KB

ED/DBC/11: DBC Response to Matter 6 Statement PDF, 178 KB

ED/DBC/12: DBC Response to Matter 7 Statement PDF, 210.05 KB

ED/DBC/13: DBC Response to Matter 8 Statement PDF, 300.07 KB

ED/DBC/14: DBC Response to Matter 9 Statement PDF, 178.33 KB

ED/DBC/15: DBC Response to Matter 10 Statement PDF, 178.12 KB

ED/DBC/16: DBC Response to Matter 11 Statement PDF, 270.72 KB

DBC Further Responses and SoCGs:ED/DBC/17: DBC Response to Matter 12 Statement PDF, 192.76 KB

ED/DBC/18: DBC Response letter to Inspector PDF, 155.35 KB (In response to ED/I/04).

ED/DBC/19: Bluewater and the Duty to Co-operate paper PDF, 265.72 KB

ED/DBC/20: Statement of Common Ground with Historic England PDF, 98.02 KB

ED/DBC/21: Statement of Common Ground with Environment Agency PDF, 100.82 KB

ED/DBC/22: Statement of Common Ground with Ebbsfleet Development Corporation PDF, 954.16 KB

ED/DBC/23: Statement of Common Ground with Gravesham Borough Council PDF, 90.25 KB

ED/DBC/24: Statement of Common Ground with Kent County Council PDF, 170.09 KB

DBC Hearing Statements:ED/DBC/25: Statement of Common Ground with Thurrock Council PDF, 453.72 KB

ED/DBC/26: Council's Opening Statement PDF, 100.74 KB

ED/DBC/27: Council's Opening Statement on Duty to Cooperate PDF, 134.48 KB

ED/DBC/28: Council's Opening Statement on Retail and Town Centres   PDF, 97.55 KB

ED/DBC/29: Council's Opening Statement on Sustainable Development and Good Design PDF, 117.02 KB

ED/DBC/30: Council's Opening Statement on Heritage and Historic Environment PDF, 91.29 KB

ED/DBC/31: Council's Opening Statement on Housing PDF, 109.06 KB

ED/DBC/32: Council's Opening Statement on The Green and Open Space Network PDF, 96.24 KB

ED/DBC/33: DBC letter to Inspector regarding modification of the Plan PDF, 112.19 KB

Responses to Inspector's MIQs from other Respondents

Please note no responses (other than by the Council) were received for some of the Matters.

ED/R/023/1-4 Sport England Matter 1, 5, 10,11 Statements PDF, 137.7 KB

(Note the "attached document" referred to in the above is Sport England's Publication plan stage representation made in early 2016).

Matter 1

ED/R/030/1: Gravesham BC Matter 1 Q 1 Statement PDF, 389.41 KB

ED/R/030/2: Gravesham BC Matter 1 Q 6 and 9 Statement PDF, 236.32 KB

ED/R/038/1: Swanscombe Development LLP Matter 1 Statement PDF, 225.53 KB

Matter 6

ED/R/052/1: Environment Agency - Matter 6 Statement PDF, 112.69 KB

ED/R/052/2: Appendix 1 Water Stressed Areas PDF, 423.87 KB

ED/R/052/3: Appendix 2 Darent and Cray Abstraction Licencing Strategy PDF, 1276.47 KB

Matter 7

ED/R/049/1: Historic England Matter 7 PDF, 75.25 KB

Matter 8

ED/R/034/1 Ellandi LLP Matter 8 Statement PDF, 159.16 KB

ED/R/30/3 Gravesham BC Matter 8 Statement PDF, 42.34 KB (see Matter 1)

ED/R/047/1 Blueco Matter 8 Statement PDF, 1363.01 KB

ED/R/050/1 British Land Company plc - Matter 8 Statement PDF, 100.14 KB

Matter 11 (and Matter 1)

ED/R/051/1: Natural England - comments on all MIQs PDF, 277.93 KB

Further documentation pre-modifications

ED/R/34/1 Savills PDF, 166.45 KB

ED/DBC/35: Response to Savills information provided following the Examination Hearings PDF, 126.65 KB

ED/R/11/1 Strutt and Parker PDF, 283.4 KB

ED/DBC/36: Response to Strutt and Parker information provided following the Examination Hearings PDF, 107.95 KB

ED/DBC/33:DBC letter to Inspector regarding modification of the Plan PDF, 112.19 KB

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