Name: Proposed Modifications Consultation
Description: Proposed Modifications Consultation

Proposed Modifications Consultation

Those who made representations in early 2016 on the publication DP Plan had the option to comment on proposed modifications to the published Plan. This came after the Inspector held hearings on the soundness and legal compliance of the Plan 18th-21st October 2016.

For further explanation of the modifications document, please  see the following confirmatory letter to the Inspector: ED/DBC/34 PDF, 41.11 KB

2nd DBC letter to Inspector regarding modification of the Plan  PDF, 41.11 KB

In addition to the key main modifications, the Council has also identified additional potential modifications of a minor nature. These are listed separately in the modifications document.

Consultation on the Proposed Modifications to the Development Policies Plan ran from 23rd December 2016 to 3rd February 2017.

The Proposed Modifications document PDF, 426.22 KB. Modifications were accompanied by a Sustainability Appraisal document PDF, 300.12 KB

A summary of responses and comments in reply by  Dartford PDF, 388.29 KB sent to the Inspector.

For the original responses in full, see here: Responses to the consultation.

Further Proposed Amendments to the Main Modifications

Letters below relate to the proposed further change by the Inspector to Main Modifications MM19, MM21, MM22 and MM29:

ED/DBC/37 DBC Response PDF, 136.68 KB to Inspector letter ED/I/07 PDF, 119.69 KB

ED/DBC/48 DBC letter to consult on proposed amendments to the Main Modifications MM19 MM21 & MM22 PDF, 803.77 KB

ED/DBC/49 DBC letter to consult on proposed amendments to the Main Modifications MM29 PDF, 41.51 KB

ED/DBC/50 DBC letter to the Inspector re Examination of the Dartford Development Policies Plan and Proposed Modifications PDF, 101.48 KB

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