Name: Existing Evidence Documents and Technical Documents
Description: The Council's development plan documents and planning policies are under-pinned by evidence, so as to ensure that the policies are robust and relevant.

Existing Evidence Documents and Technical Documents

Existing Evidence (Technical Documents)

The Council's planning policies are underpinned by evidence, to ensure that they are robust and justified. The documents below are part of the evidence base which has been used to support Council planning documents, in particular, the Core Strategy. As studies informing a long-term plan, many remain highly relevant. Additional evidence is also available in support of the recent Development Policies Local Plan.

They are organised below around the topic Matters discussed in the examination of the Core Strategy. To see the studies, please scroll down to find the topic matter of interest. SA and HRA (environmental) information is provided at the bottom of the page.

Core Strategy Examination Statements & Associated Studies:

Matter 1: Legal Process and Requirements PDF, 214.77 KB

Matter 2: Spatial Vision PDF, 756.81 KB

Matter 3: Housing Supply and Location PDF, 213.18 KB

Matter 4: Energy Generation/Carbon Neutral Development PDF, 273.91 KB

Matter 5: Green Belt PDF, 730.13 KB

Matter 6: Employment and Retail Development PDF, 213.29 KB

Matter 7: Infrastructure /Flood Risk

Matter 8: Monitoring PDF, 103.52 KB

Click here for the Sustainability Appraisal documents relating to the Core

Core Strategy Appropriate (Habitat Regulations) Assessment and Appendices

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