Name: Housing and General Monitoring
Description: Information on the five year housing land supply

Housing and General Monitoring

We report statistics about the Borough and monitor the outcomes of planning decisions. This allows anyone to assess the effect of our Local Plan strategy.

A  2018 employment data and local economic performance PDF, 2589.09 KB paper, and review of new/ existing housing density report, complement our regular monitoring.

Five Year Housing Land Supply

Dartford has a deliverable five year supply of housing land as required by national policy. This draws from the large scale growth that is underway in line with the adopted Core Strategy. The Dartford 2018/19 Five Year Supply  PDF, 1268.79 KBhas been confirmed in full compliance with the revised approach set in the new NPPF on the level of housing requirement and what constitutes a 'deliverable' site.

To find out more about key sources of future housing land supply, see our Brownfield Land Register page (including a new sites summary document).

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) receipts

Authority Monitoring Reports

The AMR for 2017-18 is now available, published in January 2019:

Previous AMRs:

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