Name: Housing and General Monitoring
Description: Information on the five year housing land supply

Housing and General Monitoring

Housing and General Monitoring

We report statistics about the Borough and monitor the outcomes of planning decisions, allowing the effect of our Local Plan strategy to be openly considered.

For our annual statutory report looking at environmental, social and economic development see The Authorities Monitoring Report (AMR) of 2017-18 PDF, 2343.11 KB

Housing Supply Data

Factual Statement on National Policy and Housing Supply in Dartford: The Government has finalised the results of the Housing Delivery Test (HDT), and the new Local Housing Need (LHN) requirement is available from March 2019. This means:

  • Dartford has officially completed 3,174 (net) new homes over the last three financial years up to and including 2018/19.  This delivery track record results in a HDT output of 181%.
  • The very healthy supply means Dartford faces none of the sanctions of the Test. It also means Dartford’s robust 5 Year Deliverable Housing Land Supply remains fully compliant with new national policy (with 5% buffer).
  • Dartford’s current minimum LHN figure is now confirmed for 2019 at 797p.a. dwellings.  This is within the Dartford's Local Plan current housing aims of 585 to 865p.a. dwellings.

Dartford’s deliverable  Five Year Supply information. flows from the large scale growth that is underway in line with the adopted Core Strategy.

To find out more about key long-term sources of housing, see our Brownfield Land Register page (including a new sites summary document) or the housing density report.

Dartford Economic Development Report

A  2018 employment data and local economic performance  PDF, 3044.68 KB paper complements our regular monitoring.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Financial Receipts

Past AMRs/ Housing Delivery

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