Name: New Local Plan
Description: New Local Plan
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New Local Plan

New Local Plan

A consultation on the big 'Strategic Issues' PDF, 4398.38 KB for the development of the Borough was held in June/ July 2018.  This is the first step to inform a new Local Plan that will guide Dartford's regeneration into the 2030s.  Questions were presented across vital issues facing Dartford's strategy for the future. Public involvement in the next stage in drafting the Local Plan is expected in summer 2019.

Individual Responses to the consultation can be found here, and a commentary on the feedback (and sites put forward) is now available in summary form PDF, 286.71 KB .

Emerging Evidence Base

A wide range of background information, including from regular monitoring, is incorporated  in the Strategic Issues document's hyperlinks. See also a first draft statutory review of the Dartford Core Strategy. PDF, 1993.22 KB, which will be subject to further refinement.

Local data prepared so far includes:

A SHLAA refresh is currently underway. Please email or call Dartford's Planning Policy team on 01322 343213 with any queries.

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