Name: New Local Plan
Description: New Local Plan

New Local Plan

New Local Plan Public Consultation

We are producing a Local Plan to guide future investment in Dartford and key planning and infrastructure decisions to 2036. Our plan is about creating a Dartford where people are proud to live, work and call home. We feel new planning policies will meet the challenge posed by housing growth while ensuring our open spaces and green belt is preserved.

A Preferred Options public consultation (also known as 'Regulation 18') was held in January – February 2020, setting out emerging proposals alongside alternative approaches: Preferred Options Consultation document PDF, 2850.23 KB PDF, 2859.13 KB proposals. Or you may wish to see short and simple briefings: key regeneration/ infrastructure/ environmental issues PDF, 839.45 KB.

A full evaluation of proposals against environmental, social and economic indicators, the Sustainability Appraisal was also out for consultation.

We are now using public input and technical studies to put together a full draft Local Plan.

Further Information and Evidence

A helpful 'bulletin' PDF, 877.75 KB outlined all about the consultation and existing policy documents. A glossary PDF, 286.44 KB explains terms used.

Local Plans are also influenced by national policy and local studies (evidence): topic studies informing proposals.

We have also updated the annual Brownfield Land Register PDF, 338.11 KB and Authority's Monitoring Report (AMR) of development delivery. The performance of the existing approach has been reviewed PDF, 1848.53 KB, informing the new Local Plan.

We also looked at the potential impact on various groups in the Borough through a Customer Access Review PDF, 261.66 KB .

In 2018 a first consultation on the big 'Strategic Issues' PDF, 2347.65 KB was held. Responses to the consultation can be found here, or a commentary on the feedback (and sites put forward) can bee seen in summary form PDF, 440.64 KB In support of that consultation, a ‘state of play’ sustainability report was available: sustainability PDF, 2723.49 KB.

Last Updated: 17th December 2020