Name: 2018 Regulation 18 Representations
Description: 2018 Regulation 18 Representations

2018 Regulation 18 Representations

Representations were received to the Dartford New Local Plan 'Strategic Issues' Consultation 2018 from public authorities, infrastructure providers, statutory and interest groups, parish councils, and many others (including private organisations and individuals):


Bexley Council PDF, 63.01 KB

Ebbsfleet Development Corporation PDF, 343.97 KB

Gravesham Borough Council PDF, 460.57 KB

Greater London Authority PDF, 93.02 KB

Kent County Council form PDF, 3402.59 KB and letter PDF, 1946.21 KB

Sevenoaks District Council PDF, 328.36 KB

Thurrock Council PDF, 272.68 KB

Infrastructure Providers

Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley CCG - briefing PDF, 182.65 KB and email PDF, 162.96 KB

Education and Skills Funding Agency PDF, 811.97 KB

Highways England PDF, 143.32 KB

National Grid PDF, 197.34 KB

Network Rail PDF, 84.44 KB

Southern Water - email PDF, 215.51 KB, form PDF, 257.52 KB and Guiding Principles PDF, 109.97 KB

Thames Water - letter PDF, 473.76 KB and position statement PDF, 338.34 KB

Transport for London PDF, 102.87 KB

Statutory Bodies and Interest Groups

CPRE Kent PDF, 513.11 KB

Dartford and Crayford Creek Restoration Trust PDF, 316.25 KB

Environment Agency PDF, 267.89 KB

Forestry Commission PDF, 174.1 KB

Historic England PDF, 201.28 KB

Marine Management Organisation PDF, 127.49 KB

Natural England PDF, 243.27 KB

Port of London Authority PDF, 242.04 KB

Sport England PDF, 167.55 KB

Parish Councils/Residents’ Associations

Bean Residents’ Association PDF, 240.64 KB

Southfleet Parish Council 1  PDF, 992.97 KB and Southfleet Parish Council 2 PDF, 93.83 KB

Stone Parish Council PDF, 105 KB

Swanscombe and Greenhithe Town Council PDF, 332.38 KB


Bellway Homes PDF, 94.56 KB

Bericote Properties Ltd - Economic Growth PDF, 1851.74 KB and Report PDF, 2493.15 KB

Bostall Group PDF, 778.62 KB

Burhill Developments Ltd PDF, 435.24 KB

CCP III Ellandi LLP PDF, 278.23 KB

Ebbsfleet Investments General Partner PDF, 405.42 KB

Esquire Developments Ltd PDF, 1702.2 KB

Fort Knight Group plc - Form 1 PDF, 2632.75 KB , Statement  PDF, 280.91 KBand Form 2 PDF, 700.97 KB

Gibbs and Ball Ltd PDF, 2248.36 KB

Guildmore Ltd PDF, 357.82 KB

Hawkins PDF, 2141.5 KB

Holbrook Griffith Developments Ltd - form PDF, 4434.61 KB, Housing Supply Information  PDF, 182.39 KB and Village Business Survey PDF, 865.28 KB

J Clubb Ltd - Form PDF, 259.76 KB and Green Belt Options PDF, 172.95 KB

Kitewood Estates Ltd - Form PDF, 252.74 KB, Housing Land Supply Statement  PDF, 542.05 KB and Five Year Supply Assessment PDF, 470.9 KB

Land Securities/Bluewater PDF, 138 KB

Leyton Cross Holdings Ltd PDF, 196.5 KB

London Resort Company Holdings - Form PDF, 230.02 KB and Letter PDF, 141.79 KB

M Scott Properties PDF, 1327.91 KB

PMG Regeneration Ltd - Form PDF, 228.2 KB and Letter PDF, 215.95 KB

Rentplus UK Ltd - Letter PDF, 172.72 KB, Rent to Buy Homes Methodology  PDF, 959.12 KB and Development Outcomes PDF, 335.48 KB

Mr Ryan PDF, 271.28 KB

South Darenth Farms Ltd PDF, 2243.15 KB

Storefast Solutions Ltd - Letter PDF, 2143.73 KB and Location Plan PDF, 168.89 KB

Swanscombe Development LLP PDF, 235.2 KB

William Chaplin Ltd PDF, 73.19 KB

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