Name: Other Refuse and Recycling topics
Description: Other Refuse and Recycling topics

Other refuse and recycling topics

Service Update Bulletins

Latest news about the refuse and recycling collection service and keeper Dartford cleaner

Food waste

We do not provide a service for the separate collection of food waste, which should be put in your Green Refuse bin

Side waste

Our refuse collectors will no longer take waste bags left beside the green wheelie bins we provide. The reason for this is simple. As a council, we are under increased pressure to cut waste sent to landfill and to increase recycling rates

Fly tipping

What is it and how to get it removed

'The Tip' - Household Waste Recycling Centre

Household waste recycling centres are facilities which allow you to drop off household waste items for recycling. Find out where there are and what you take

Static recycling sites

In addition to their door to door recycling collection, Dartford Councill operates a network of over 15 recycling sites offering recycling facilities for newspapers, magazines, glass bottles, steel and aluminium cans and textiles

Refuse collection

Information about our refuse collection service, including how to report a problem

Container Provision for New Developments

Under the strategic directorate of Dartford Borough Council, the waste collection policy guidelines for new developments specify that all necessary bins or containers are required to be provided by the developer at their own expense

Other types of waste

Information regarding other types of waste eg: clinical, medical hazardous, commercial, vehicles

Last Updated: 09th August 2021