Name: Container Provision for New Developments
Description: Information regarding the provision of bins at new properties within the borough.

Container Provision for New Developments

New Developments

Under the strategic directorate of Dartford Borough Council, the waste collection policy guidelines for new developments specify that all necessary bins or containers are required to be provided by the developer at their own expense.

When requesting these bins from the Council, at least 4 weeks notice should be given to allow delivery from the bin manufacturers. We have listed below our suggestions for the type and number of containers that may be required. Bins can be purchased directly from the waste department by emailing your requirements or any further questions Online: Contact the Waste Team or by calling through the customer services department on 01322 343290.

Should developers wish to supply the bins direct, they should request a copy of the Council's bin specification and ensure that the bins they supply comply with this.

Dartford Borough Council also offer an opt-in fortnightly garden waste collection service, for which a one-off cost and annual fee is charged for a 240 litre brown bin. Further detail on this can be found on the garden waste web page.

Individual Properties Cost from 01.04.19
180 litre green residual waste bin £43.50
240 litre grey recycling bin £43.50
55 litre black recycling box (for glass) £7.50
Communal (6 flats or more) Cost from 01.04.19
1100 litre green or grey bin £540
660 litre green or grey bin (for smaller sites) £450
240 litre grey recycling bin (for glass) £43.50
Last Updated: 05th March 2021