Name: Major Developments
Description: Developments with new streets

Major Developments

Major Developments are those that require new street names to be created as part of the development.

Due to Council Cabinet procedures, the process of naming a new street can take up to three months and it is advised that you apply for any new street names at least eight weeks before building work commences.

Key stages within the street naming process:

  • The developer proposes a street name after reading the Street Naming and Numbering Guidance and by completing the appropriate form
  • The Council formally object to any suggested name. This is part of the Public Health Act 1925 and done in order not to lose the right to object at a later stage. This is a formality that the Council must undertake and does not indicate the actual decision that will be made at Cabinet
  • The suggested name is sent for Consultation with the Developer, Emergency Services, Royal Mail, Council Members and, if applicable, the Ward and Parish Councillors and any other interested parties. Consultees have 10 working days to respond
  • If there are any objections to the proposed name during the Consultation period, the consultation may need to start again with a new name
  • The proposed name is put forward at the next appropriate Cabinet meeting
  • If Cabinet rejects the proposed name, new suggestions will be requested from Members and Developers and the consultation process will be restarted and the name put forward to Cabinet again
  • Once Cabinet approves the name, a notice is placed at the site for a period of one month where anybody may object to the name. This objection must be made to the Magistrates Court
  • At the end of the notice period, if there have been no objections, postcodes will be allocated by Royal Mail and all interested parties will receive confirmation of the new addresses

To apply for the new addresses for this type of development, please use the online form below.

You will be contacted by the Property Information team once they have received your application form to discuss the cost of the application and then you will be asked for copies of the plans of the site, including any floor plans in relation to blocks of flats.

New Property Address Request

If you prefer to use a paper version of this form, please contact the Property Information team who will be happy to send one out to you.

The team aim to acknowledge SNN applications within five working days from receipt of the completed form.

Last Updated: 01st October 2021