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Street naming and numbering

25 Mar 2019 10:03am

Dartford Borough Council is the Street Naming & Numbering Authority for the administrative area of Dartford. The service provides the definite source of address information within the Borough and supplies new property addresses and street names. This function is carried out under the Public Health Act 1925, sections 17-19.

All new numbering schemes and new street names must be approved by the Council prior to use. Developments named and/or numbered by the developer alone may be subject to change.

Proposed addresses must not be used or be distributed to the wider community until the official approval documents have been issued by the Council.

Please note that the allocation of a postal address does not serve as confirmation that any building or structure has been authorised under Planning, Building Control or any other Legislation. Owners and/or occupiers may be at risk of enforcement action if any necessary approvals have not been obtained.