Name: MicroHackers
Description: MicroHackers


Image of MicroHackers logoWhat we do:

MicroHackers is a parent and child science, technology, engineering, art and maths startup that encourages learning through making.


Currently working from home in Dartford, but hoping to have a physical space next year.

Name of owners:

Amelia Harrison, William Harrison, Sarah Harrison, Mike Harrison

How long have you been in business:

Just a few months, it's an early stage startup

If you had to describe your business in three words, what would they be:

Make, Encourage, Learn.

Sum up your business in 50 words or less:

We aim to provide the ideal environment for children and their parents to learn about science, technology, engineering, art and maths by making things. We encourage kids to take control of their own learning, ask their own questions, and find their own answers. Think > Make > Improve.


Phone number:

020 8123 4210

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