Name: Ways to get involved
Description: Find out how to get involved and have your say about housing services

Ways to get involved

We have a range of ways that you can get involved and have your say about  housing services. Our aim is to give as much flexibility as possible so that you can find a method of involvement that suits you.

  • Residents' groups

    Residents' Groups are residents living in an area, block or street who come together to address issues of common concern in relation to the community they live in and the general environment.

  • Estate inspections

    Residents are invited to take join housing staff and contractors on estate inspections to look at the conditions of communal areas, lighting, grass & hedge cutting, pavements, etc.
  • Neighbourhood agreements

    Neighbourhood Agreements are developed together by the Council and residents, and in partnership with other local agencies, to try to tackle issues affecting a specific area, for example a road, or a particular estate.
  • Community contacts

    Community contacts provide a link between residents and the Council. Block representatives who monitor cleaning services within blocks on our estates are also within this scheme.

  • Mystery shoppers

    Mystery shoppers are Council tenants or leaseholders who act as inspectors, checking out if the housing service is delivering on its promises.

  • Surveys

    Surveys are a quick and easy way of getting your views and opinions on various housing related topics.
  • Focus groups

    Focus groups are set up to discuss a specific topic with a particular group of residents. For example, to consult with residents about a new development that may affect them in the area that they live.

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