Name: New build Council homes
Description: New Homes for Council Tenants

New Homes for Council Tenants

It’s an exciting time with the Council’s programme of new homes being built in the Borough, as part of its commitment to providing much needed affordable rented homes for local people.

The Council is currently preparing a planning application for the next phase of its new build programme. Consultation with residents, on draft proposals took place in August. Details of the proposals can be found on our architects’ website at Please note that the consultation has now closed. The Council would like to thank all residents that responded at the event and on-line.

The Council’s response to the  consultation can be viewed here PDF, 608.77 KB.

On Temple Hill, residents are now settled in to the Council’s previous new developments at Hill View and Coleridge Road.

Hill View and Coleridge Road, the Council’s first housing developments in 25 years, are a mix of houses and flats providing 76 homes. The former cash office at Temple Hill Square has also been converted to provide six one bedroom flats.

These new homes are made available to local people most in need of affordable housing. They also enable much needed movement on the Council’s overburdened Housing Register.

Picture of new Council homes at Hill View New Council homes at Coleridge Road

Last Updated: 17th February 2020