Name: Energy efficiency and conservation
Description: Energy efficiency and conservation

Energy efficiency and conservation

The Council is responsible under the Home Energy Conservation Act 1995 to report on the percentage of energy efficiency improvements in the housing stock in the Borough. The Council also work in partnership with other agencies to advise, educate and promote energy efficiency schemes, grants and discounts to residents in the Borough.

For further information please contact us Online: Contact the Environmental Promotions Team or call 01322 343056.

The Council's current energy initiatives:

Kent and Medway Warm Homes Scheme – Room in Roof/Loft and Cavity Wall Insulation

The Warm Homes Scheme is a partnership project between Kent County Council and district councils to support residents in Kent and Medway to save energy in their home.

The Warm Homes programme can offer subsidised insulation through Energy Company Obligations funding, but you may also need to contribute towards the cost.

The appointed provider for offering the room in roof/loft or cavity wall insulation is Aran Services Limited, who are able to access funding and complete insulation works for eligible residents.

From mid September 2016 Aran Services will be sending letters to residents in the Borough offering room in roof/loft and cavity wall insulation.

At present the Warm Homes scheme does not have a programme to offer subsidised heating. If you are over 65 and have been diagnosed as having a serious medical condition then you may be eligible for support from the Winter Warmth programme.

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Saving on your gas and electric bills

If you want to save money on your energy bills then collective switching might be for you.

We can save you money on your energy bills by negotiating better deals with the energy companies on your behalf.

The more households and businesses that take part, the better change we have of securing a competitive energy deal.

To find out more information about registering visit the Switch Together page.

Delivering Affordable Warmth – A Fuel Poverty Strategy for Kent

Every year, millions of households throughout England will struggle to keep warm at home.

The Kent Energy Efficiency Partnership have produced a new document called Delivering Affordable Warmth PDF, 2318.85 KB - A Fuel Poverty Strategy for Kent which has been consulted on and work has now started on the action plan.

The Strategy outlines the key issues and sets out a series of objectives with the aim of helping people in Kent out of fuel poverty and into affordable warmth. With input from a wide range of organisations it demonstrates a commitment to work in partnership to alleviate fuel poverty across Kent.

An Action Plan to underpin the Fuel Poverty Strategy for Kent through closer working between agencies will offer a number of benefits to residents including better living standards and conditions for those people on low incomes, improved and more energy efficient housing stock and reduced costs for the NHS is currently being developed. Relevant agencies were invited to attend an Action Plan Workshop on 30 November to develop the right priorities for Kent.

If you need the document in an alternative format please Contact us.

Warm Homes Scheme

Warm Homes Scheme

Solar Together Kent

Buying Solar Panels Made Easy!

Cut Energy Bills - Switch Together

Cut Energy Bills - Switch Together

Home Energy Conservation Act (1995)

Statutory guidance on the Home Energy Conservation Act 1995 was revised in 2013 placing a duty on Councils with housing responsibilities to prepare and publish a report at two yearly intervals on energy conservation

Grants and Discount Schemes

There are a range of grant and discount schemes which are available to those who wish to make their homes more energy efficient or want to install renewable technologies

Energy Saving Options In Your Home

Saving energy not only helps the environment, but it can also help you to save money too. Identify how much energy you are using and suggest ways to save energy, from turning off the standby button to insulating a cavity wall

Useful Links

Useful Links covering energy efficiency schemes, grants and discounts

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is energy which is generated from natural sources such as sunlight, wind, rain and geothermal health

Previous Home Energy Initiatives

An action plan to take forward the Sustainable Home Energy Strategy 2005 - 2008 was developed following a workshop held in September 2005

Warmer Streets Project

The Warmer Streets Project is a £4m energy efficiency improvement programme

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