Name: Licensing of Caravan and Camping Sites and Mobile Homes Act 2013
Description: Caravan and Camping Sites

Licensing of Caravan and Camping Sites and Mobile Homes Act 2013

Licensing of Caravan and Camping Sites

The Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 prohibits the use of land as a caravan site without a site licence.

The occupier of any land cannot use their land as a caravan site unless they hold a valid site licence. No caravan site licence can be issued unless the land has planning permission for use as a caravan site and the applicant has not had a site licence revoked within the previous three years.

Under Section 269 of the Public Health Act 1936 a site licence is required if a person allows any land occupied by them to be used for camping (tents only) purposes on more than forty two consecutive days or more than sixty days in any twelve consecutive months. There are exceptions for organisations that hold camping exemption certificates.

A caravan is any structure, designed or adapted for human habitation, which is capable of being moved from one place to another (towed or transported), provided its dimensions, when assembled, do not exceed 18m in length, 6m wide and 3m in height. Tents and railway stock on rails within the railway system are not included in the definition of a caravan.

A caravan site licence is not required for:

  • Incidental use within the curtilage of a dwelling house
  • Single caravan used by a person for not more than two nights and 28 days in 12 months
  • Holdings of five acres or more, if not more than 28 days in 12 months, and a maximum of three caravans at any time
  • Sites occupied and supervised by exempted organisation
  • Sites approved by exempted organisations for up to five caravans
  • Meetings organised by exempted organisations
  • Agricultural and forestry workers
  • Building and engineering sites
  • Travelling showmen
  • Sites operated and owned by a local council, county councils or regional councils

Applying for a Caravan or Camping Site Licence

The occupier of the land must apply in writing to the Council for a caravan or camping site licence. You can apply for a new licence or amend an existing licence online. (Caravan Site Privacy Statement PDF, 592.28 KB)

A site licence is ordinarily issued automatically on receipt of a valid application once planning permission has been obtained. Where the applicant already has planning permission when they make a valid application, the local authority must issue the licence within two months of the particulars being given. A valid application should include fully completed application form, site plan and where applicable, proof of fee payment. If planning permission is not obtained until later, the licence must be issued within two months of the permission being obtained. In each case the period may be extended by written agreement between the applicant and the local authority. We aim to determine your application within these timescales.

Tacit Consent

In the event that your application is not determined within that period, under the Provision of Service Regulations 2009, tacit consent is deemed to have been granted by the Council.

New Site License Application
0 to 5 Pitches £0
6 to 25 Pitches £525
26 to 99 Pitches £675
100 to 199 Pitches £875
200+ Pitches £1,080
Annual Fees
0 to 5 Pitches £0
6 to 25 Pitches £195
26 to 99 Pitches £345
100 to 199 Pitches £545
200+ Pitches £750
Other Fees
Amendment / Transfer (No Visit) 6 pitches and above £165
Amendments / Transfer (With Visit) 6 pitches and above £260
Cost of Deposit of Site Rules 6 pitches and above £60
Service of Compliance Notice
£420 (Plus VAT)

Mobile Homes Act 2013

The Mobile Homes Act 2013 amends and strengthens the existing legislation in place relating to caravan sites and mobile homes. The main provisions of the Act became operable on 1 April 2014.

The Act gives greater protection to residents and increases the enforcement powers of the local authority. The guidance explains the changes and the fees that apply.

Register of Site Rules Deposited with Dartford Borough Council

The Mobile Homes Act 2013 requires that owners of 'Relevant Protected Sites' deposit Park Site Rules with the local authority, once they have been agreed with residents. Dartford Borough Council is required under the Act to keep a register of these site rules and publish them on line.

The site rules for the following sites have been lodged with the council
Site Name Site Address Licence Holder Site Rules
Stonehill Woods Park Old London Road
Upper Ruxley
DA14 5AS
Mr G P A Sawyer Site Rules PDF, 198.08 KB
Last Updated: 17th December 2020