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Leisure and culture

  • Performers

    Arts and entertainment

    As well as The Orchard Theatre, Dartford has an wide range of clubs, bars and pubs.

  • Image of Festival crowd


    Information about upcoming events run by the Council - Bandstand, Cinema Nights, Festival, Outdoor Theatre and more.

  • Dartford Museum


    Dartford Museum is located in the same building as Dartford Library at the entrance to Central Park.

  • walking in woods

    Parks and open spaces

    There are many opportunities to take part in a wide range of activities in the Parks and Open Spaces in the Borough.

  • Table Tennis Bats

    Fitness/Sports facilities and programmes

    Contact details and links to clubs and organisations in Dartford.

  • Manor Gatehouse historic building

    Heritage and tourism

    Dartford has a rich and varied heritage and is home to Domesday churches and buildings with royal connections

  • Dartford Crest

    Dartford - Hanau and Gravelines twinning

    Town Twinning is a way of creating ties and friendships between towns of different countries, thereby promoting better understanding between its people

  • Festival home banner 2018

    Dartford Festival Homepage

    Information about the annual Dartford Festival - who, what, where, and when!

  • Peter Blake Gallery


    Sir Peter Blake Gallery is located in the same building as Dartford Library at the entrance to Central Park.

  • Question Mark

    Adult and community education

    For information about adult education in Dartford and the surrounding area visit: Kent Adult Education

  • Community Group

    Community centres and facilities

    Did you know that you are able to hire your local Community Centre for anniversaries, birthdays, engagements, weddings, dinners, dances and any other family and social events?

  • Countryside


    A Conservation Area is an area designated by the Local Planning Authority as one of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance.

  • image of Dartford library


    All libraries within Dartford, including mobile libraries, records offices and archives, are managed by Kent County Council.

  • Image of Dartford high street

    Licences and street trading

    The Licensing Authority under the Licensing Act 2003 and is responsible for granting premises licences, club premises certificates, temporary events notices and personal licences in the Borough in respect of the sale and/or supply of alcohol

  • Fitness Equipment


    Fairfield swimming pool and sports facility
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