Name: Dartford Borough Council Celebrates Black History Month
Description: Dartford Borough Council Celebrates Black History Month

Dartford Borough Council Celebrates Black History Month

Black History Month 2020

I am very proud that we have decided to celebrate Black History Month (BHM) in Dartford for the first time this year. A question I have been asked is, "Why now?"

The simple answer to that question is that Dartford Borough Council has recognised that the demography of our great town has changed significantly and positively over the last decade, with more and more people from varying different backgrounds choosing Dartford as home and it is therefore important to mark and celebrate our diversity in a number of ways.

Although BHM began in the U.S to celebrate the achievements of African-Americans, in recent years the UK has followed in recognising the significant contribution of black people to our society.

As with our inaugural Pride Month in June, unfortunately the ongoing global pandemic will impact our ability to hold physical events but we are determined to mark BHM in a meaningful way that gets local people involved and engaged. Some highlights of the activity we’ll be leading on over the course of the month include:

  • Interviews with local people, asking what Black History Month means to them
  • ‘Global Influence, Local Lives’, an initiative pairing aspiring local people with globally recognised influential black figures
  • An exhibition at Dartford Museum on Charles Lawrence, a black man that grew up in Dartford and died as a prisoner of war in WWII. Dartford Museum Curator Dr. Mike Still will also be interviewed to produce a video discussion around this
  • A dedicated collection of literary works on display in the Museum for your perusal
  • Dedicated social media activity via @welovedartford on Twitter and Dartford Together on Facebook, including a celebration of successful black icons both past and present and a timeline of significant events in British black history to-date

We're partnering with our good friends Cohesion Plus on our celebrations throughout the month, so do follow their online activities also.

If you would like to get involved then please contact us on 01322 343440 or email, we would love to hear from you.

Visit the official Black History Month website for more information on the celebrations.

Councillor McLean

Councillor Calvin McLean
Lead Member for Equalities, Cohesion and Society

Last Updated: 01st April 2021