Name: St George's Day
Description: St George's Day

St George's Day

Image of town crier and St GeorgeDartford Borough Council, Cohesion Plus and the Kent Equality Cohesion Council work together to organise a fantastic annual St George's Day celebration and aim to make it one of the biggest celebrations taking place anywhere in England on the big day itself.

Entertainment in the High Street plus a fantastic schools parade brings a real celebratory atmosphere to the Town Centre.

The event puts good old St George, the Patron Saint of England at the centre of the town's celebration and invites everyone, English or not, to join in a great celebration of this wonderful country and all the people who call it home.

This year's celebrations will take place on Tuesday 23rd April:

Tues 23rd April

Entertainment in the Town Centre, 12.45pm-1.30pm

Brass bands, fusion drummers, morris dancers and stilt walkers will be performing at One Bell Corner in the High Street.

Schools Parade, 1.35pm-2pm

Eight local schools will take part in a parade featuring live entertainment which will start outside the Civic Centre in Home Gardens and will go via the Orchards Shopping Centre into the High Street and then on to Central Park. The parade will pause briefly outside the Memorial Gardens for the raising of the flag of St. George.

Performances at the Bandstand, 2pm-2.30pm

The festivities will climax with vibrant performances at the Bandstand in Central Park.

For further information call 01474 369329.

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