Name: Current Exhibition
Description: Current Exhibition

Current Exhibition

The Night

A photographic exhibition by Level 3 Extended Diploma Students from North Kent College

12th - 26th February 2020

The night is not the opposite of the day – it has a unique identity of its own. What takes place ‘after dark’ is quite unlike that which happens in the day – the night is the ‘other day’ obscure and shadowy. For many, the night is felt as a time of great danger; we fear the night and what lurks within it. For others, the night is an opportunity to ‘let go’, a chance to express oneself or become someone or something else.

Photography’s relationship with the night, the absence of light and uncertain exposure duration is complex. In order to capture the hidden or withdrawn we must create new and unorthodox ways of taking pictures.

This is an exhibition of photographic works by students studying on year 2 of the UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Photography at North Kent College. For enquiries about studying on the Photography Programmes at North Kent College please contact North Kent College.

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