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Current Exhibition

Looking Back, Looking Forward - 100 years of Dartford & District Photographic Society

2nd to 29th October 2019

Photography has come a long, long way in 100 years since the Society was formed in 1919.  From the early days of photographic plates and the closely guarded recipes for developers things moved fairly slowly. The introduction of 35mm film, black and white as well as colour enabled a new generation of camera owners post WWII. Then, in 1975, the revolutionary invention of the world's first digital camera changed things in ways we now take for granted. In 1991 Nikon’s 1.3mp digital camera sold for $30,000. In 2000 the first camera phone came on the market. In the last twenty years things have moved at the speed of light. Hardly anyone is ever without a camera at their fingertips.

For our 100 year anniversary Dartford & District Photographic Society wanted to look back at the work made in dark rooms by members in the past as well as more recent work. We have included a print from an early glass slide from the archives of Dartford Library with their kind permission. Members of Dartford & District Photographic Society have volunteered to scan slides to preserve and record them. Silver prints are beautiful and have a lasting quality even now that is hard to reproduce in digital prints. Colour slides have been replaced by digitally projected images (as Facebook, Instagram and many other online media show us daily).  Our members show here digital prints, and you would never instantly know what was taken on a ‘traditional’ digital camera or on a camera phone.

Photography is available to all as never before.  We aim to encourage new members to get involved, show their images in competitions, get inspired by lectures by great photographers, enjoy hands-on evenings. Prints are easy to make. Photo editing is available on your phone and tablet. It doesn’t matter what you use to create your digital image – what matters is your creative vision, composition and, if you want, your editing skills.

Photography was, and still is, all about the light.

Dartford & District Photographic Society meet at Stone Pavilion, Hayes Road on alternate Wednesday evenings. See for more information.

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