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Housing options

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A home that suits your family's needs, that is safe, warm and secure, is important for the wellbeing of children. Here you can find out about different housing options.

Social rented housing is let by local authorities and housing associations. Rents are usually lower than in the private rented sector. There's a high demand for social rented housing which means it's limited to those who really need it. The first step to seeing whether this is an option for you is to apply to go onto Dartford Borough Council's housing register. If you're accepted onto the housing register, you'll be given all the information you need to look for a home.

Renting from a private landlord means there's more choice about the area and type of homes available, and it's possible to find a home more quickly than applying for social rented housing.

Private landlords will usually ask for a deposit and some may also ask for one or two month's rent in advance. Dartford Borough Council may be able to help some people who can't afford a deposit by providing the private landlord with a guarantee.    

If you're already living in private rented housing, Dartford Borough Council may be able to help you if you're concerned about the condition of the property. The Council can make landlords deal with serious health and safety hazards. They can also help you if your landlord is harassing you or you're being forced out illegally.

Everything you need to know about renting a home from a private landlord, including what questions to ask and your rights and responsibilities, can be found in the government's How to Rent checklist.

Buying your own home is a goal for many of us but it can be out of reach if you can't afford a big deposit. Help to Buy is a government scheme that offers affordable home buying options to get your first foot onto the property ladder – 0333 321 4044.

You can visit our housing page for more information on Dartford Borough Council's housing service.

Last Updated: 16th October 2020