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Preventing crime

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Being a victim of any type of crime can be distressing. Protecting your family is always a priority and so preventing crime before it happens can give you some peace of mind.

Kent Police give lots of crime prevention advice and information on preparing for emergencies. To report a crime in an emergency, always call 999. In non-emergency situations contact Kent Police on 101.

If you visit Bluewater Shopping Centre, why not visit the Safer Home store run by Kent Police? In the store you can get advice on crime prevention and use their interactive home living environment that's recreated in the store. Bluewater Concierge can advise on the location of the store when you visit.

Crimestoppers is a charity where you can report information about crime or suspicious activity to. You don't have to provide your details and the information will never be traced back to you. Your information could prevent a crime or keep someone safe. Crimestoppers is not an emergency service, so if you see a crime happening call 999 – Crimestoppers 0800 555111.

Anti-social behaviour can make people's lives a misery and is totally unacceptable. It can include behaviour such as harassment, intimidation and threatening behaviour, nuisance neighbours, vandalism, noisy and rowdy behaviour, graffiti, litter and fly tipping, abandoned vehicles and uncontrolled pets. To report anti-social behaviour contact Dartford Borough Council's Community Safety Unit on 01322 343000. For more information about Dartford Borough Council's Community Safety Unit visit our page on community safety.

Victim Support helps people to recover from the effects of crime and traumatic events. They provide emotional support as well as practical help, such as filling in forms or arranging items to make your home more secure after a crime. Victim Support also guides people through the process of going to court as a victim or witness – Supportline 0808 168 9111.

Last Updated: 02nd December 2020