Name: Repairs to, and blockages in, drains and sewers
Description: Repairs to and blockages in drains and sewers

Repairs to, and blockages in, drains and sewers

Overflowing or Blocked Road Gullies and Drains

Kent Council Council provide these services at: Kent County Council (Drainage Department)

Blocked Domestic Drains and Sewers

The water company to which you pay sewerage rates is responsible for most of the drainage in your area. If you are in doubt as to which company this is, check the bills you receive.

In the first instance you should contact that company to investigate any problems with your drainage.

  • If the problem is in a shared pipe, or outside of your boundary then the water company is responsible for clearing the blockage and undertaking any necessary repairs
  • If the problem is on your property and the pipe is not shared (ie: neighbours are not connected) then you are responsible and will need to contact a drainage company at your own cost

If you feel that you are not receiving the service you require from the water company please make contact with them directly. If you wish to make a complaint, follow the company's procedures or contact the Consumer Council for Water: 0300 034 3333

Problems with Rural Drainage

In some circumstances, properties drain to privately maintained drainage systems such as cesspools, septic tanks and sewage treatment plants.

Unless an overriding legal agreement exists, those who are served by such systems are responsible for their maintenance.

Surface Water Drainage at a Property

Problems with surface water (ie: overflowing soakaways, broken guttering etc) are the responsibility of the property owner. Where a pipe takes water from more than one roof, responsibility is shared between all properties that are served.

Role of the Environmental Protection Team

The Environmental Protection Team may be able to investigate a problem where drainage is overflowing and has not been resolved by the responsible party within a reasonable timescale.

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Last Updated: 15th December 2020