What is Affordable Housing:

This is housing for people in housing need who cannot afford to rent or buy housing on the open market (view the Council's Allocations and Tenancy policies under relevant documents below). Affordable housing includes social rent, affordable rent and Homebuy (also known as Shared Ownership) which is provided by the Council and Housing Associations.

The Council owns and manages a stock of around 4,200 social rented properties and demand always exceeds supply. Normally only those with a high priority for housing will have a chance of bidding successfully for a rented property through Kent Homechoice.

Social rented housing has rents which are determined through the national rent regime. Affordable rent has a higher rental charge than social rented housing, but is no more than 80% of the local gross market rent for a property of an equivalent type and size in the local area.

If you are looking for an affordable home, you can find more information on our Housing Advice page.

Affordable Housing Policy:

The Council's policy in urban areas is to seek 30% affordable housing on all new developments of 15 units or more, or where the site is over 1/2 hectare in size. In designated rural areas it requires that 50% of housing is affordable on new developments providing two or more units. This policy has been formulated through evidence based research including a housing needs assessment and strategic housing market assessment. This research has also informed the development of the Council's Local Development Framework and Core Strategy for housing.

Housing Association Partners:

The Council works in partnership with a number of housing associations operating in the borough. Most of the Council's partner associations provide for a range of needs including general rented and home ownership schemes as well as more specialised supported housing accommodation.

List of Housing association Partners

Since 2007 around 2,014 new affordable homes have been built in Dartford with 148 being delivered in 2012/13, 109 in 2013/14,  151 in 2014/15, 103 in 2015/16, 239 in 2016/17 and 252 in 2017/18.

Contact information:

The Housing Policy and Development Manager works with developers and the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) to maximise the supply of affordable housing in the Borough and can be contacted on 01322 343683 or Online: Contact the Housing Policy Team.

The Bridge Development Dartford - Management of Affordable Housing Discounted Sale

The Bridge Development Dartford - Management of Affordable Housing Discounted Sale