Although the requirement to conduct STATUS surveys was removed for local authority landlords from 2010, the recent changes to the regulatory landscape mean the ability to make robust assessments of performance and ensure residents have the information they need remain of central importance.

Dartford Borough Council commissioned Ipsos MORI to conduct an independent and objected survey of tenants using the Standardised Tenant and Resident (STAR) methodology developed to replace STATUS. The principal objectives of the survey are to:

  • Provide robust data which accurately represents the views of tenants on key satisfaction measures;
  • Provide a comprehensive view of other perception-based measures on a range of specific services provided by Dartford
  • Provide trend data to assess how Dartford has performed over time

The survey was carried out with a sample of Dartford“s general needs tenants.

The main headline results:

Overall satisfaction

The findings of the survey report that 80% respondents are satisfied with the overall service provided by Dartford Borough Council.

Home and repairs

  • 74% were satisfied with repairs and maintenance
  • 76% were satisfied with the overall quality of their home

Neighbourhood and anti-social behaviour

  • 80% were satisfied with their neighbourhood as a place to live
  • 54% were satisfied with the way Dartford Borough Council deals with anti-social behaviour

Value for money

  • 77% were satisfied with the value for money for their rent
  • 59% were satisfied that their service charges (if applicable) provide value for money

Tenant engagement

  • 75% were satisfied with the way Dartford Borough Council keeps them informed
  • 61% were satisfied Dartford Borough Council listens to their views
  • 55% were satisfied Dartford Borough Council acts on their views

The Council will be carrying out a new STAR Survey in 2021/2022.