School Loans:

School teachers are welcome to make use of Dartford Borough Museum's free School Loans Service, although teachers must collect and return the items themselves. The aim of the service is to make a wide range of authentic objects and natural history specimens available for use in the classroom. Loans are arranged on a half-termly basis.

A teacher using the School Loans Service for the first time must provide the Museum with a formal letter of introduction from the head teacher.

This letter must state clearly that:

  • The teacher is a bona fide member of staff
  • The head teacher accepts ultimate responsibility for the well-being and prompt return of the objects borrowed
  • Any loss, damage to, or theft of objects will be paid for by the Education Authority's insurers. It is vital that head teachers check with their LEA's to ensure that full insurance cover will be provided in the event of a claim being made against the school

If insurers refuse to meet any claim that is made, it will be the responsibility of the school to reimburse Dartford Borough Council from school funds.

Student teachers are welcome to use the School Loans Service on the condition that they supply Dartford Borough Museum with a letter of introduction from their departmental head, as well as a letter from the head teacher of the school where the student is based, confirming that the school will accept ultimate responsibility for the well-being of the objects.

Teachers must make their own arrangements for the collection and return of objects.

For details of what School Loans material is available, please contact Dartford Borough Museum.

Organised School Visits to Dartford Borough Museum:

Please note that bookings for school visits to the Museum can only be taken for weekday mornings (except Wednesdays). This ensures sole usage visits while we are closed to the general public.

School parties must always be booked in advance. Due to the limited size of the Museum, only one class at a time can be accommodated (maximum 35 students).

When school parties visit the Museum they are given a talk on their chosen subject by a member of staff and are shown a variety of relevant objects which are not normally on display to the public.

Museum staff are able and willing to talk to pupils of all age groups and abilities although the majority of our visitors are from Primary schools.

The most popular talks in recent years have been:

  • The Romans – everyday life in the Dartford area during the Roman period illustrated with real artefacts from archaeological excavations
  • The Victorians and Edwardians – household objects and utensils from about 100 years ago
  • Toys from the past 100 years – a selection of playthings over the years including items made of wood, porcelain, tin plate and plastic
  • Archaeology – an assortment of locally excavated artefacts which can be used to introduce the aims and methods of archaeology. This can be used as a general introduction when classes are studying historical periods which do not relate to the local area, eg: Egyptians or Greeks

Other topics can often be covered by arrangement with the Curator. Talks can also be organised to fit in with themes covered in temporary exhibitions. Secondary school teachers are welcome to discuss any ways in which the Museum can be of assistance.

To contact the Museum in order to make a booking or for further information, please telephone us on 01322 224739, online: Contact the Museum Team or visit us at Dartford Borough Museum, Market Street, Dartford, Kent DA1 1EU.