Name: £34.2m cash boost for Kent & Medway

£34.2m cash boost for Kent & Medway

Last Updated: 03 Feb 2017 10:36am

Kent & Medway is to receive a further £34.2m of government cash to help create jobs, support businesses and create new growth opportunities.

  Dartford Town Centre Transformation will receive £4.3 million of this money.

Jeremy Kite, Leader, Dartford Borough Council, said: "I am thrilled to finally hear the news of our bid that we have been waiting for. In truth, the high ranking given to this project is extremely welcome but it is no less than our team deserve. Working together the Council, MP and SELEP have created, supported and lobbied for a funding bid of the highest quality.

"Our strategic location and desirability for homes and business has turned Dartford into an area of high growth, but we have made the point repeatedly that the growth cannot be sustained without investment in infrastructure. Today's announcement is the first of several we need that must include a practical resolution to the nightmare caused to our town by traffic on the M25.

"This investment will help fuel the transformation of our town centre - improving public spaces, helping create a new market square and allowing us to take a fresh look at the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. It is only one part of the jigsaw, but it is a major one nevertheless and I am both delighted and proud of our team. We have worked together with a single focus from Civic Centre to Westminster and it has paid dividends."

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